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Kalyan Solid Jodi Guessing trick 143 | आज ये नंबर आपको कर सकता है मालामाल

Kalyan Solid Jodi Guessing trick 143 | आज ये नंबर आपको कर सकता है मालामाल

Date:  24 जून 2024
New Delhi:
satta matka today guessing
Satta Matka is a type of gambling. Gambling is played on a large scale in this game, hence it is also called the king of gambling. Let us tell you that all types of gambling are illegal in India, yet Satta Matka is played on a large scale across our country. The risk factor in Satta Matka is high, but it also has benefits.This is the reason why most people are more attracted towards this game and this game is played avoiding the eyes of the law. Let us tell you that every game has a rule and trick to play. From which you can get benefit. Let us know its special trick…  

kalyan guessing : satta matka trick

Kalyan Solid Jodi today You have to understand this game very carefully. For this, first of all you understand Matka Guessing Trick 143, then it will benefit you every day. We will tell you how and where this trick will give you profit. Here you will be told all the tricks with passing record.

 kalyan open: what is satta matka trick?

It is mentioned in the Satta Matka Table that to explain T stands for Total Number and OTC, an example of one day in a week is being taken, so that you can understand well how to play it (How to play satta matka). It has to be done and it is being done.

kalyan guessing trick 143 what do the statistics say?

satta lucky number kalyan Considering the pair of Tuesday, the pair formed on the next day i.e. Tuesday is 62. Here open is 6 and close is 2. Now use Monday's Jodi Trick to understand whether 6,1,2,7 exists or not. If you look, they are present in the table. Thus you can play comfortably on numbers 6,1,2,7 on Tuesday.

satta lucky number kalyan: Look carefully at the numbers of these pairs?

If we look at Wednesday's numbers, for this we will have to take the help of the previous day's pair i.e. Tuesday. Tuesday's pairing is 62 and Wednesday's pairing is 05. Now check it, the total score of Tuesday pair is 6+2 = 8. Now in the trick chart you are given four numbers in front of 8. These numbers 4,9,5,0 are in front. Now these numbers can be used in Wednesday's game.

kalyan guessing 101% OTC will come with this trick?

satta lucky number kalyan chart Now we check whether all these numbers are included in the Wednesday pair. You will see that these numbers (4,9,5,0) are given in Wednesday's pair (05). If you do this trick then you will get 101% OTC and you can try your luck here. With this trick you can win any game. In such a situation, if you want to check it, then you can check it by matching any result (Satta matka Result). It is known that now betting games like Satta Matka like Dream11 are being played online.

Last words...

                    As you know satta matka is illegal in India. But, some places are continue playing satta. You play satta very safely & control your money flow.